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Workshop on "Waste Management through Collaboration-Based Technology"

Bandung, 12 August 2022 - Bhima Aries Diyanto, as CEO of PT Reciki Solusi Indonesia participated in the Workshop on Waste Management Through Appropriate and Collaboration-Based Technology as a speaker. In the event organized by the Ministry of National Development Planning through the Directorate of Housing and Settlements, they discussed more progressive waste management by developing technology and increasing collaboration.

The workshop, which was attended by 50 people, aims to provide learning on waste processing technology, cooperation models, and identification of waste processing technology according to regional needs.

There were several sessions in the workshop activities held at the Four Points Hotel in Bandung. The workshop began with a Presentation Panel session which discussed the Application of Appropriate Waste Processing Technology Based on a Circular Economy, Regional Sharing which discussed Appropriate Waste Technology and Waste Service Cooperation, and Discussions on identifying the needs of regional waste technology.

In the event, the Samtaku MRF system was explained, the implementation of a circular economy, and the efforts made to ensure off-takers.

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