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Reciki Visit to NEPRA in Ahmedabad, India

Ahmedabad, July 2022 - Reciki conducted a comparative study with one of the waste management companies in India, NEPRA which is also a partner with Circulate Capital.

NEPRA is a waste management company that was established in the city of Ahmedabad which has 5 MRF with the largest facility located in the city of Indore with a capacity of 400 tons per day in the form of dry waste.

NEPRA has the same principle as Reciki, namely to achieve the goal of "Zero Waste to Landfill". NEPRA manages dry waste in the form of: Paper, plastic, cardboard, etc. which still have value for recycling.

The purpose of Reciki's visit to NEPRA is to learn about waste management and how best practice can be implemented by Reciki in Indonesia.

From these visits, several things that can become best practices include:

1. NEPRA has an automatic sorting machine installed for waste sorting.

2. The total workforce absorbed in this facility is quite large, amounting to 380 people.

3. Dry waste is a type of waste managed by NEPRA because the Indore government applies segregation from source.

4. Emphasis from NEPRA that one of the most important enablers is information, communication, and education.

Reciki's visit to NEPRA was an extraordinary opportunity because both parties had the opportunity to conduct a 'knowledge exchange' to learn from the operational system and also the waste management system that has its own characteristics in order to strengthen efforts to combat the waste crisis in both India and Indonesia.

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