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Reciki Receives Tempo Circular Economy Award 2022

Reciki was awarded by Tempo for the effort in implementing circular economy

Tuesday, December 20 2022 - Circular economy is a system that has the objective of maximizing the circular use of materials to minimize waste production by recovering and reusing as many products and materials as possible in a sustainable way.

On Tuesday, December 20 2022, one of the waste management companies, PT Reciki Solusi Indonesia, attended the Tempo Circular Economy Award 2022.

According to the Tempo Circular Economy Award 2022 judges, there are three categories. Companies, start-ups and MSMEs, which have the principle of circular economy in their activities.

PT Reciki Solusi Indonesia was awarded by Tempo in the MSME category for its successful contribution in reducing waste to landfill.

Tempo Circular Economy Award 2022 is an award ceremony for companies that apply circular economy principles in their business activities. The Tempo Circular Economy Award was only held for the first time at the end of 2022.

One of the judges of Tempo Circular Economy Award 2022 said that this award was given to companies in Indonesia that implement circular economy in their business activities.

Reciki is one of the leading private waste management companies in Indonesia. The company aims to fulfill its zero-waste-to-landfill vision through our industry-leading sorting facilities that are tailored to local area needs and enable value recovery from waste. TPST Reciki established in two areas, namely in Lamongan, East Java (receives 60 tons of waste per day) and Jimbaran, Bali (receives 120 tons of waste per day).

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