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A homegrown solution

to Indonesia's waste management problem

We have the know-how you need.

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A homegrown solution
to Indonesia's waste management problem

Reciki is one of Indonesia’s leading privately-owned waste management companies, specializing in operating material recovery facilities, housing tailored machinery that receive, separate and prepare recyclable materials for future use, across the country with the aim of achieving its zero waste to landfill vision. 

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Garbage Factory

99% of the formally collected waste in Indonesia is discarded to the landfills - which mostly operate as open-dumping sites.


Not only this leads to significant missed opportunities of capturing the value of materials more than once, this linear practice is also not sustainable in the long run with more and more landfill sites running out of capacity.

Indonesia's waste management problem

The Problem
Our Solution

Reciki builds and operates its self-designed Material Recovery Facility (MRF) to efficiently sort municipal waste. 

By doing so, Reciki maximizes the amount of waste for recycling and reduces waste volume being landfilled.

Reciki's Solution

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"We believe our bespoke solution can transform Indonesia’s waste management industry, alleviate the country’s plastic pollution crisis and deliver greater value from used materials - in a way that empowers local communities to be a part of the solution".

– Bhima Aries Diyanto, CEO 

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